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A Swedish permaculture school using sociocracy

In this online interview, Laureen Golden (Sociocracy For All) talks with Andreas Jonsson, the principal of Holma folkhögskola.

Great presentation of a great school in Sweden.

Why Sociocracy should be a part of every permaculture project: The world of Permaculture has rediscovered many ways to build generative soil, sequester atmospheric carbon, and clean water and air. And we are starting to humbly connect to the natural processes around us, at the same time harvesting the abundance created by natural systems. As permaculturalists we do this while observing and tuning into natural patterns. So, how come we still can’t seem to share this generative knowledge and the abundance of natural systems to the whole world? It is because we are still caught in old social patterns, and we are often still acting as a pioneer species when we organize and make decisions collaboratively. Using Sociocracy is a great way to take the next successional steps in collaborations. Holma folkhögskola is a Swedish school that is based on the Permaculture Ethics and Principles. Holma provides adult education within Organic Growing for Self Sufficiency, Forest Gardening, Foodstuffs Handling, Building & Restoration, Permaculture & Transition, Sustainable Journalism and Media, and much more….

In this webinar, Andreas shows us around (virtually) in the school.

The Prezi of the webinar is here, and the Q&A session is uploaded in a separate video here: 

This video deserves to be watched for the interplay of its dialogue and visual content.

Permaculture & Sociocracy: designing the Future

Webinar hosting Erin Young and John Schinnerer --- 1. Welcome 2. Introduction into SoFA and sociocracy 3. Presentation permaculture/sociocracy 4. Q&A 5. informal time after the closing (since there was so much good content, we decided to keep this part in for the public version)

See also this pdf file of notes taken, which gives you a quick insight into the areas covered during this webinar.

This video does not include any visual presentations and can be enjoyed like a podcast.

The perfect complimentary edge between sociocracy and permaculture

In this presentation, Rakesh explains how he creates permaculture designs and projects function using sociocracy. Format: - 5 min intro into sociocracy (SoFA) - 50 min Rakesh's presentation - 30 min Q&A (Rakesh, SoFA, participants). This webinar is part of the educational resources created by Sociocracy for All.

Rakesh Rootman Rak travels the world teaching Permaculture design together with Sociocracy.

This video does not include any visual presentations and can be enjoyed like a podcast.

Stories from the field: Permaculture and sociocracy

On-the-ground experiences and stories about applying sociocracy to permaculture organizations. A conversation with Henny Freitas, Brazil, and Julian Howell, Brighton UK, both members of SoFA and practising both permaculture and sociocracy. This webinar is part of the educational resources created by Sociocracy for All.

building Permculture & Sociocracy connections

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