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We have been conducting a survey about your experiences of connecting the two practises of permaculture and sociocracy. It was great to hear your voice and your experiences all around the world. It gave us courage and confirmation that this website is needed as part of the exciting developments of SoFA to grow sustainable communities in service of our dear planet earth and our people ready for effective caring communities.

Watch this space for updates on sharing the results.

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Permaculture, transition and sociocracy


An interview where Permacultura and Transizione, Italy,  quizzing Jerry and Ted from SoFA about themselves and their work's resilience, song and dream:

We from Permacultura & Transizione dream that after every article, after every interview, there is a little change or a small revolution somewhere in Italy. Would you like to dream with us? What will happen after this interview gets published?

wherewith Jerry & Ted replied:

People all over Italy will leave the prejudice behind that the only way to be get done is to have a boss that tells you what to do. They will start reading and learning and practicing sociocracy. As they get used to egalitarian self-governance in one place, they stop accepting acts of oppression at their workplace, in their school or in their club. They will build organizations that offer a wonderful alternative: people working together who are able to listen and to sit with the fact that we are all different but equal. Children will experience in schools what it is like to be treated as capable, competent and self-responsible and will claim their values as grown-ups. We’re not going for small revolutions, we’re going big!

to read whole interview and to reflect on what sociocracy could mean for your permaculture practise, click on image below.



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