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Case studies and stories of projecs and people connecting application and principles of Permaculture Design and Sociocractic governance are an invaluable way to engage us. Watch this space as we aim to bring you more. And you are most cordially invited to contribute to building this resource by sharing this page with your friends and colleagues, helping us find more projects to get case studies and stories for. Contact us directly [email protected] 


SoFA Case studies

This is an excellent piece of work, comprehensive and dynamic, offering insights and inspirations.

Holma, Sweden

Sociocracy Helps Holma Folk Highschool Grow a Sustainable World

This case study was written by Inge Kuijper as part of her participation in the Sociocracy Leadership Training in December 2017.
Holma Folk Highschool in Sweden  is unique in that applied both the principles and practise of Sociocracy and Permaculture right from the start, and all teachers are trained in Sociocracy.

Articles and Stories

Lost Valley, Oregon, USA


This article  first published in 2011 in the Intentional Communities Magazine, is written by Melanie, Permaculture Teacher and Executive Director of Lost Valley EcoVillage and Education Centre. It tells the story of Lost Valley's near surmise, when succumbing in economic and personnel stagnation to the hierarchical model of governance, how it journeyed via a 'Positive Action Team' to a new level of wellbeing and purpose.
The Permaculture principles of "Observe, interpret and interact" and "small and slow solutions" proved to be a perfect match for learning and implenting sociocracy.

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