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"Sociocracy – the Permaculture of organisations" &  "Mapping Sociocracy to Permaculture"
Two part Decision Lab paper by Julian Howell, listing and connecting principles of P & S as tools for a smarter planet.


Designing a greener future with permaculture and sociocracy
Article by Niusia Winczewska on Permaculture Scotland’s annual gathering July 2017 which included presentation by Andy Goldring Sociocracy, permaculture and changing the world together. This event is connected with the Permaculture UK Association which has started applying sociocracy.

Brighton Permalture Organisational Structure
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BPT organisation structure copy
Carver, Permaculture & Sociocracy  
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Nathaniel Whitestone (Decision Lab) use Holmgren's version of the Permaculture principles, and explains why Carver is a good start but does not go far enough – and how Sociocracy can take us all the way.

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