Permaculture School webinar uploaded!

Following in the steps of Gerard Edenburg, schools are showing incresed interest in Sociocracy as a methodology. When Edenburg himself was a kid he studied in a school where decisions were made together. His teacher, Kees Boeke, thought every voice among the whole class was important. When he grew up he inherited an electronic business and created history by implementing the methodology for the first time. Today not only general schools are adopting Sociocracy but also Permaculture ones. Our fellow Andreas Jonsson recently shared a beautiful case study where Sociocracy is holding hands with a Permaculture School in Sweden. Rounds, check ins and outs, organizational structure, governance and operational meetingsā€¦ all are done in harmony with the ethical principles of Permaculture: earth care, people care and fair share. Have a look at the recording and get inspired!

Henny Freitas


We had a lively discussion. Extra video for that here:

and Andreas’s great prezi can also be viewed here

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