WEBINAR: A permaculture school in Sweden

Delighted to alert and invite you to participate live in this webinar:

book your place here. $0 – $7.50, for Thursday, September 20, 2018

9:00 AM – 10:30 AM EDT (Boston) = 2pm London; 3pm Berlin; 9.30pm Perth

Why Sociocracy should be a part of every Permaculture project

In this online interview, Laureen Golden (Sociocracy For All) will talk with Andreas Jonsson, the principal of Holma Folkhögskola, a Swedish school that is based on the Permaculture Ethics and Principles. Holma provides adult education within Organic Growing for Self Sufficiency, Forest Gardening, Foodstuffs Handling, Building & Restoration, Permaculture & Transition, Sustainable Journalism and Media, and much more….

Andreas writes:

Why Sociocracy should be a part of every permaculture project: The world of Permaculture has rediscovered many ways to build generative soil, sequester atmospheric carbon, and clean water and air. And we are starting to humbly connect to the natural processes around us, at the same time harvesting the abundance created by natural systems. As permaculturalists we do this while observing and tuning into natural patterns. So, how come we still can’t seem to share this generative knowledge and the abundance of natural systems to the whole world? It is because we are still caught in old social patterns, and we are often still acting as a pioneer species when we organize and make decisions collaboratively. Using Sociocracy is a great way to take the next successional steps in collaborations.

Andreas will show us around (virtually) in the school. After his presentation and his conversation with Laureen, webinar participants will be able to ask questions.

This event is hosted by Sociocracy For All and will be held on the video call platform zoom. It will be recorded and publicly available. The link to the recording will be sent to everyone who registered.

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Read a case study about Holma folkhögskola

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