Common Ground seeking

In the discussion following that fascinating webinar, one participant asked what to do in difficult meetings

John replied:

Start by addressing pain in the room. Even individually at first, “Are you happy with how our meetings are going?” what is first thing people want to change? Are they willing to experiment?

(see p12 of webinar notes)

Here is a research question for you dear reader:
How does this evidence the common ground between sociocracy and permaculture?

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  1. hm, very good question…
    In permaculture design we need knowledge and living experience of the plant, animal and landscape worlds, of their needs and conditions in the soil throughout the seasons.
    In sociocracy, that is in governing with friends, pain is a sign of unmet needs in our soul, and caring wisdom of our friends are the tools by which we can be sure we achieve our shared vision.
    So, then the pain in the room is the door to enhanced fertility of group, and the key is growing empathy?

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